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When should I do PainTracker?
Please fill out PainTracker 1 week or less before each visit at the Center for Pain Relief. It's best to complete PainTracker before you get to clinic. But if you haven't done it yet, please arrive at least 1 hour early to do PainTracker at the clinic before your appointment.

What device can I use with PainTracker?
PainTracker can be used on any modern web browser for laptops or desktops. You can also use a tablet or smartphone as well. Whatever's easiest and most convenient. See a detailed list below.

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Center for Pain Relief at UWMC - Roosevelt
Phone: (206) 520-5000

About UW Medicine's PainTracker™

UW Medicine's PainTrackerâ„¢ is an easy-to-use, computerized questionnaire that asks you how your treatment at the Center for Pain Relief is affecting your recovery. See the main PainTracker info site for more details.

If you are a provider and need to access the system, please contact: Justin McReynolds, Clinical Informatics Research Group, University of Washington at

PainTrackerâ„¢ is based on the "cPRO" platform. cPRO is an open-source "computerized patient-reported outcome" implementation. cPRO projects comprise a series of flexible web-based interactive health assessments and interventions, built on a common platform developed for funded research activities over the last decade. Efforts in this area have led to the development of a platform that is unique in meeting the needs of both patients and researchers. Dozens of cPRO systems have been deployed for use by clinical and research teams domestically and internationally.

To learn more about cPRO, see the cPRO project website

Operating systems and web browsers that work with UW Medicine's PainTracker™

Windows 7, Vista and XP:
Firefox: version 2 and above
Internet Explorer: version 9 and above
Google Chrome: all versions
Firefox: version 3 and above
Safari: version 3 and above
Google Chrome: all versions
Standard iPad web browser (Safari 5 and above)

Version number: PainTracker.22.10.9